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Last week’s pizza offerings included a zucchini with sliced tiny squash, some of the blossoms and toasted breadcrumbs.

So you’re going through Facebook and you see an invitation to a pizza tasting at Razza, possibly the best pizzeria in the area, on July 23. If you don’t believe that it’s the best pizza in the area, go and check it out. (  Add to the mix that two of your favorite people will be there, as will Katie Parla from Ralston Farms. Katie, with help from Razza and other like-minded local-centric restaurants has helped Ralston farms grown from 2 acres to close to 30. That night, some the rye flour milled from rye grown at Ralston ended up in the pizza and the bread.  The bread is accompanied by Dan Richer’s homemade butter and last night, by something new Dan is trying: aged butter. (“Think of it as a mother for butter like you have a mother for bread,” Dan said). I’ll think of it anyway you like, Dan, as long as you keep making it.


Me Dan Razza





That’s Dan on the left. Making bread, butter and pizza is what makes him so happy. Being near his bread, butter and pizza is what made me so happy.


Jen Steven Razza




The fabulous Jennifer Cohan and her wonderful chef-husband Steven Petrecca. We were all a little pizza-blissed-out at this point.