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Culinary Producer

  1. Daisy Cooks!
  2. Viva Daisy!
  3. Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen
  4. Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class
  5. Lidia’s Italian Table
  6. Savor the Southwest
  7. America’s Test Kitchen (Season 1)
  8. A LaCarte Communications


Consulting Chef/Television

  1. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
  2. Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home



  1. Primi Piatti
  2. Working the Plate
  3. Mom’s Secret Recipe File
  4. Smokin



  1. Daisy: Morning, Noon, and Night
  2. The Desperate Housewives Cookbook
  3. Daisy Cooks!
  4. Blue Collar Food
  5. Vegetable Love
  6. Rosa’s New Mexican Table
  7. Lidia’s Italian Table
  8. Lidia’s Italian American Kitchen


Journalism/Food writing

  • Food Arts Magazine:
  • Tough Love (winner in the 2007 Association of Food Journalists’ Awards Competition)
  • Plotting to Shoot the Chef
  • More Bang for Your Banquet
  • Art:(sci)2 x tech = taste (winner in the 2005 Association of Food Journalists’ Awards Competition)
  • Plowing Toward Utopia


Cookbook excerpt

Intro to A Cook’s Life

“I’ve spent my life in kitchens: in restaurants from Colombia to Italy and from Manhattan to Los Angeles; magazine test kitchens and corporate r&d labs; in my grandmother’s kitchen and in my own. I can’t imagine anyplace else I’d rather be.”


Recipe Development

  1. National Pasta Association
  2. Aux Delices des Bois
  3. Pyrex
  4. A. Zerega’s Sons, Inc.
  5. Fleishman Hillard
  6. El Paso Chile Company
  7. OXO
  8. San Pellegrino
  9. many others



  1. Lidia’s Restaurant (Kansas City/Pittsburgh)
  2. Hors D’oeuvre Unlimited
  3. Winner’s Restaurant, Bogota, Colombia


Television appearances


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