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A few nights ago, good friend (and JC newbie) Laurie and I made it to our first Sam A.M. Supper Club dinner. It will not be our last. Mac and cheese, cornbread, barbecued ribs and chicken, killer cole slaw, baked beans and dessert. And bring you own.

My first visit to Sam A.M was about a year and a half ago. I discovered Sam A.M. like Columbus discovered America: I bumped into it on my way to something else. Also like Columbus, I found the place already filled with people. That’s not surprising, Sam A.M. is the perfect breakfast and lunch place. Breakfast on one day could be a farm egg, pimento cheese, chile and tomato sandwich and Vanilla French Toast on another. Francis and crew work a tiny kitchen space on the other side of the counter directly across from the front door. Most mornings at least a couple of people on the working side of the counter will say “Good morning!” as you can walk in. Like when sushi chefs shout ‘Irasshaimase!” when you walk in the door, only less jarring. It’s one of those places that, whenever I find myself there, I am happy I came.

The coffee is great, the people are nice and the food is wonderful. Really. Sometimes I fantasize about cheating on my neighborhood place (The Hamilton Inn) with Sam A.M. but I know it wouldn’t work out. Sam is Paulus Hook and THI is Hamilton Park.