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Spicy-Cool Avocado Sauce (Cauliflower Version)

Posted on Jul 14 by

I used to make this all the time and then plain forgot about it. It is quick, rich in flavor and lots of good oils from the avocado. I use this on a lot of stovetop-smoked foods...



Posted on Jul 3 by

Caramelized is a word that has been tossed around so often it has almost lost its meaning. Technically, the only thing that can be caramelized is sugar, all other foods get their...


Grilled ‘Half-Crocked’ Pork Chops

Posted on Jun 23 by

So they’re ‘half-crocked’ because there is far less salt in this brine than most. It still flavors the chops and keeps them moist but it isn’t the...